Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back from the dead?

Still alive, doing alright for the most part. Just very busy trying to keep up with everything.

Alex (blee) turned three at the beginning of this month and to celebrate we drove to Ohio to see family. It was a great little vacation.

Now we are settled back home and scrambling to prepare for the arrival of little sister. Expected in early December and dammit she's not going to stick around nearly two extra week like big sister did!

Thankfully Alex is in preschool now 3x a week and that gives me a little time. Unfortunately most of that precious time ends up being used to recover from her kicking my butt every waking moment. That kid has a never ending supply of energy. We have fun though and it helps keep the pregnancy pounds off a bit. So I can have treats like this now and then.

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mizu designs said...

Welcome back. Hope no 2 goes well for you.