Friday, February 26, 2010

New Doodle

This one is a weird one for me. Maybe because I did it while Alex screamed not wanting to nap but needing it. Please no judgement we never let her cry for long, especially the first 18m, and I can read her cries and body language so well at this point.

Sure enough now I'm done and so is she after only around five minutes.

I really wanted to use black and for what it's worth I think that makes the piece, especially the border. But I'd probably just give it a C+ is I had to grade it. But I don't think grading doodles is really a fair thing and something I should try to avoid. Sure some are better than others and I am kinda frustrated feeling like I can't match that one piece from early in this experiment. But I'm growing and learning regardless and at least I'm drawing. And that is better than the past two years where creativity only happened in sporatic bursts a few times a year. And then poof gone as daily life took over.

Now creativity is finally a part of daily life again and that is so exciting for me to have back. To have something that I can fit into daily life. I haven't missed a single day of drawing since I downloaded the Brushes app.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Everybody in my household except for me is struggling with a cold. I'm doing all that I can to avoid getting sick but I can't prevent physical contact with my daughter. When she wants to kiss me I smile and let her.

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