Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Arty Hipsterish but Fun

Going through and picking photos to edit to look like either Helga or Crossprocessed photos is bringing me back to better weather days. I say better because much of what we had last year was still crap, it just wasn't cold crap. Isn't that a lovely image for you? But really I'm missing spring, summer and fall. I'll take just about anything over this.

The results of these Faux Helga (a type of toy camera that has cult status) and Crossprocessed photos are kinda arty hipster loo
king. But I don't care. My photo skills have always been lacking and I've never been able (or willing) to invest much in improving them.

I've also lusted for a Helga for years but new I'd probably neglect it. So this is a cheap and easy treat for me.

The first one is a fake Helga and the other is a Cross-processed one.

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