Monday, March 23, 2009

We have a Deal

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As you readers may know I haven't had a very good year artistically speaking. I find myself wasting time more than making art whenever I have the chance. My husband Jon has joked about locking me in my studio without any books or a computer for awhile now but never seriously. I've also wanted him to find some sort of healthy activity for himself. Especially now that I am going to the gym 3-5 times a week.

So here is the deal we worked out. Twice a week he is going to lock me in my studio for a few hours. And twice a week I am going to kick him out of the house to go for a long walk. Hopefully eventually he will feel comfortable jogging. Just like hopefully someday soon I will feel comfortable making art without being forced to. Like the old days.

Maybe I will have him do what I do and strap blee on during his walks. That way he gets a nice weight bearing exercise and time with his daughter and I don't have to deal with her. Have I mentioned that she is teething her two year molars now and is a total disaster?

I already know that I want to do collage and mixed-media ATC/ ACEOs first. They were always what I did when I was in a smaller slump in the past. I have a bunch of printmaking paper torn to size, but that can wait for now. I need to experiment with very little pressure.

On the bus coming home from the gym the other day I got the idea to host a print class again. Maybe an ATC/ ACEO with collage, print and painting elements? People could make a handful and maybe trade one with the class. Keep an eye out here for more information.

Now I need to go pack up some orders and get thee to a post box. Hope you all have a fabulous week. My apologies for being so absent here and in other blogs. I've been in a very deep hole.


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

from one distracted artist to another- I hear your frustration! Sometimes I have to work in a vacuum, total silence, to be able to accomplish something new and fresh. I hope this works out for you! It sounds like a great plan.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I'm so out of it that I am afraid that I will end up just taking a nap on the floor.

I'm tired and unmotivated.

Susie said...

Now THAT'S a great compromise! You have a strong marriage to get this plan underway! Good luck!

becca.elpy said...

i saw that tweet. hehe. yay!

i do wish that the desire to create wasn't something i sometimes have to fight myself for. usually pays off though.


Gwen said...

I found your work on a random sweep through ArtFire, and I LOVE it! My children are in their mid-20's now, but I can so identify with your exhaustion, depression, and everything else.

I battled all of that, and wanted to make art, but ended up deferring it until they were much older, except for making art with them!

I am very interested in printmaking, and collage. I think your work combining the two is really stunning. Just remember, this too will pass. Our kids grow up really fast (though I always hated people telling me that when I was in the midst of it), and always try to keep your hand in somehow. Keeping a sketchbook is always good.

I am bookmarking your blog and your etsy, I will be back.