Thursday, November 20, 2008

Printing Again

After Dark
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Yep, today and yesterday I printed a total of two layers of color on about thirty sheets of fine Japanese paper. Hopefully this weekend I will finish them off and have some brand spanking new work to show off. Hot off the presses.

Until then I will keep my shops on Etsy as well as my new shop on Art Fire
updated with pieces from when I last printed along with renewing older listings. But I have some exciting stuff coming, I'm feeling excited about my work again for the first time since probably April or May. That is when I really lost it.

Speaking of Art Fire, it is this great up and coming site for selling that reminds me of how Etsy used to be. I signed up for it last week and think it has great potential. And the best part is that for $7 a month for life I can sell as much as I want and pay no fees! I joined Etsy in November 2005 when it was about the same age as Art Fire is now and the wow feeling I had with Etsy back then is back with Art Fire. Etsy has (mostly) been good to me and I have no plans of leaving the site anytime soon. But there are a lot of problems that I don't expect will ever get addressed so a fresh start is nice. This holiday I will be keeping a presence on both sites.


Justin said...

I'm off to check out Art Fire. Thanks for the tip. Are you the only printmaker on there now?
Can't wait to see your new work. I too am just breaking out of a creation funk.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Last time I checked I was the only printmaker on Art Fire, but I was one of the first printmakers on Etsy as well three years ago.

Michelle Brunner said...

I can't wait to see your new stuff! I hate art funks..I had one a bit ago also...feels so good to finally break free of one:) I will have to check out art fire- I have noticed a couple of other people are on there. Keep up the great work!