Thursday, September 25, 2008


no doggie don't!
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This was unfortunately a regular occurrence while in Ohio. We just couldn't stop this dog from running up and licking poor little blee in the face every chance she got. She got one of my friends pretty good too! It happened enough that when we got home and our dog Maeby, who couldn't be any less interested in the baby, would walk by blee would cover her face.

Here are some more photos from our Ohio trip. Blee got to pet her first horsie in Ohio and someday she may get to ride her!

whith Philly

I'm doing better and worse. Blee refused to nap today, so no art. But I did still manage to get some work done. Just none of the fun work. I still have a lot to do though! And I have a lot of sadness from the loss of my visiting mom. Which is bringing up the sadness from the loss of my real mother that is always just barely buried. So many nights I just want to crawl into her lap and be comforted. May blee never have to know how hard it is to be a mom without a mom, not just for my own sake but for hers as well. And if she ever has children of her own I pray that I live long enough to meet them.

The collage from Wednesday is up now and I am loving it more as time passes. It has a quite quality about it that I think really works. The mostly illegible and foreign text paired with the mysterious faces really calls to me. What didn't work about the print when it was on its own now works beautifully. Those curves have somewhere to go. And I have to say that the old mask block that it comes from is still a favorite of mine more than three years after I carved it.


Ellen Shipley said...

That's WOOF, not OOF. ;-j

Annie B said...

I love blee and the horse!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

blee was so tired after the party, but Diana insisted on showing her the horse. And it was worth it for the photo!

Woof goes the doggy, off goes the baby. She still sometimes puts up her hands and protects her face from kisses when our dog gets close. Our dog who has no interest in licking people.