Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finding a home

Can't resist sharing this Toledo, Ohio shoutout from my daughter. My husband is from those parts and when we were in Ohio we drove up to see his grandmother and made the required Tony Packo's stop. Yum. Don't mind the sweaty head, she got a bath after the photo was taken.


Brown Ginkgo Leaves

Bamboo at Night

Custom Order

Hmmm, second custom order almost in a row now. The last piece is the only custom piece, the other two are old favorites of mine. These prints will be heading to France soon. Sometimes I let my mind wander to all the places that my artwork has traveled and think about how even though we don't go to any of these places I have at least been able to touch them in some small way.

Check out my blog on Friday (or maybe Thursday night) for my first Friday Feature in awhile. Hopefully this will become a regular thing. This person is a favorite of mine for clothing miss Blee and I look forward to featuring her work.

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