Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mixing Things IUp

Poppies in the Night
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New stuff is continuing to enter my shop a few pieces a day. Including this piece.

But I have been in an art slump every since finishing up that custom and printing new work. I've even been slow to scan in and upload many of those pieces. I decided to start journaling again and I came to a decision that it is time for me to step away from what I know and do some playing with art. For me that means monotypes of some sort. So today and tomorrow I will be brainstorming and I think collecting some leaves for stencils and on Saturday or Sunday I will lock myself in my studio and have some fun. Dammit!

It hasn't been easy because on top of everything blee isn't her normal easy going self. She's constipated and pretty darn cranky about it. Other than feed her certain fruits and give her plenty of water there isn't much I can do other than wear her a lot and ride this rough patch out. And that is exactly what I did this morning when she couldn't be soothed by any means other than putting her in our gorgeous and snuggly Zidee pod and going for a long walk with a friend. Worked like a charm, and for about an hour or two after getting home as well.

I'm planning on purging a few carriers in the near future but the Zidee isn't going anywhere. As she grows it just gets better and better. Learning how to wrap her on my back has made using the pod a snap. Here, have some cuteness and have a great weekend! Hopefully come Monday I will have some interesting work. It doesn't have to be great it just has to be free and experimental.

snug as a bug


Amy said...

Hi! I just realized that you had left a comment on my second blog. Anyhow I am really sorry I didn't get back to you (you left a comment on July 13th.) I don't check that blog really, but anyway, I would love to tell you about the prints/process. Do you have an email address? Mine is Anyhow thanks for the comments you left. It is great to hear from you since your prints are amazing and feel inspired by them.

Anonymous said...

You said: "Greetings from the original creator of the Blog love thread. I used to run it before others "took over".

Can you be any snarkier? You should be thanking those people for even keeping that thread going!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Yes thank you for getting up earlier and earlier so I couldn't keep up with it. Something I and StilettoHeights worked very hard on.

You anonymous coward.