Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Even the rain

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When a dreary rainy day doesn't keep me from enjoying my day that is when I know that I am doing better. Unfortunately with the sporadic storms we had to keep our walks brief but still enjoyable. And it least it wasn't hot out. And a new friend of mine, a SAHM that lives a few blocks away, came over for lunch with her sweet little boy. I have my work to keep me busy but having some sort of social activity during the day really helps me stay sane.

This is the two of us in a long woven wrap that I purchased months ago but could never get the hang of a back carry until today. I'm still no master with it but I will keep at it because it is very comfortable and I just love the material. If it doesn't work I will probably have it cut up and turned into a podagi (Korean inspired carrier). Blee looks like a total ghost baby in this picture, but she actually has a bit of color these days despite my lathering her up with sunscreen and covering her with a hat and sometimes even a parasol. But compared to me she will always be my little white girl. Especially since I have gotten quite a nice tan this summer with all the walking we've been doing.


Still scanning in and listing work from the weekend at a good pace. I also am re-organizing some files on my computer in an attempt to get organized and to get some high-res images over to the Flashbags ladies for a new line of my work. That is something on my task list for Thursday.

The weekend is coming up, not soon enough. Enjoy it.


Ellen Shipley said...

I love the movement of this picture. She's pressing up and leaning back while you're leaning forward. It goes everywhere. 8-] Love it.

Amy said...

I have a question. How do you make your buttons? If you have the button maker, do you have suggestions of where to get one?

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I have a techre button maker. I got it off of ebay. They are pretty pricey and it was a total splurge. I would recommend KateBlack from Etsy to make buttons of any sizes. She can even do square buttons and those are so cool.

I love this picture too. We've been getting some good photos together lately.

ThreadBeaur said...

I really like that dragonfly!