Sunday, July 13, 2008

Play Filled Weekend

Playing in the Forest
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I did it! I took the class that I promised myself I would take this year, yet put off signing up for until the absolute very last moment. As in, minutes before the class started I signed up in person. Even though I am not completely in love with my creations from the class just yet it must have worked somehow because on both Saturday and Sunday after getting back from the class I printed at home. Something I have not been wanting to do these days. This Playing in the Forest piece is one of those post-class creations.

I hope everybody had a great weekend. Blee got a lot of daddy time, which was good for both her and me having a break was good for me.

Here is one of the pieces from my weekend workshop. Woodblock print chine colle, monotype, washi and etching all on Rives BFK. I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend like I did. There were some rough patches like my eye acting up again on Saturday but at the end of the day on Sunday I sit back feeling satisfied.

monoprint from class


Amy said...

The monotype is a great inspiration. I have a question. What part was an etching?

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I had a feeling people would wonder about that since it is so subtle.

Do you see the text that says; "moments"? That is from a tiny copperplate etching I did back in undergrad that I rediscovered this weekend. I have a TON of all these word plates.

I will need to get some supplies for printing them, but I may just have to because I had a lot of fun with them.

Anybody know a source for tarlaten? Can I just use cheesecloth?

Rosebud Collection said...

What an interesting class..nice work.

Nutsy Coco said...

I love Playing in the Forest! Beautiful colors.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Thanks! It was an interesting class and I am glad that I decided to take it.