Monday, May 12, 2008

New Work for May

Quiet Playground
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The new street team for Etsy Printsy is up and running with me doing the first artist interview. Check it out over at the Printsy blog. Printsy Interview : Fustian

Last Thursday and Friday I was finally able to get some printing done, first time since March I believe. It felt very good to be printing again and even better having new prints like these. I was able to use my latest block, but only with this one for now but I know I will be bringing it out again in the future. All of my latest creations will be making their way into my shop in the next week or two. With new pieces in the works this week my shop will stay current for a good long time hopefully. Check it out!

Autumn Leaves

In the meantime I will be serving the little one as she goes through cutting three teeth at the same time. Ouch! She's handling it a lot better than I would handle sharp objects breaking through my gums! We finally got her a proper highchair, though it is a space saving one that attaches to one of our regular chairs. Boy am I feeling like an idiot for not getting this sooner because it makes feeding her so much easier. I have been stalking Craigslist looking for a used one for months and this weekend we finally gave up and bought a new one. It wasn't super expensive but we always try to go used first.

terrible service


stilettoheights said...

blee looks like a little grown up!!! SO cute!

LOVE, LOVE that first piece, the figures are incredible, such a new feel for you!

oh, and happy belated Mother's Day!

jen said...

i saw a similar if not the same highchair at target not too long ago. beats the behemoth high chair we have in storage (which i am ready to give up on craigslist myself and possibly just pick up a cute little vintage number or something like yours if the need arises). :)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

New feel hmm I like that.

And I love vintage high chairs. I have a picture of mine when I was little and it was so cool all yellow and chrome baby. I want THAT one! It is big but I would make room for a highchair that looked like that!

Lisa said...

LOVE your new work. the colors are fabulous!
cute photo of blee!