Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Better Way?

Working in my jammies
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To get over a major case of the blues than to pull out an old partially finished block and get to carving. Everything is already drawn I'm just clearing wood at this point before adding details here and there. It is a little boring, but just what I need right now. And yes, I am wearing a nightgown under my printmaking apron. That way I can hop right into bed as soon as I am ready.

I'm also getting back in the drawing groove. But what I am not going to do is to stress myself out about creating a finished product. After all, art is about more than making and pushing a product isn't it?

The weather here is gorgeous. I sit here typing this with the window open right next to me and a nice breeze coming in. The days are just beautiful and blee and I get in plenty of walks. But we need to find a new place to walk as I am getting a little bored with our scenery. Time to mix things up a bit just like with my art.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Hope everybody has a wonderful day filled with joy and beautiful weather.


jodie nicholson said...

When you're down in the dumps but you still have your creative juices flowing, then your glass is definitely half full. At least, that's what I tend to think when life is 'blah'.

Shannon said...

Working on my crafts help me get out of the blues:) I work in my pj's too! Hope you have a great day.

Helen said...

I love working in my pj's. Obviously it's a great inspiration for you because your work is stunning!

Rosebud Collection said...

Your doing good..Keep it up..I love the picture and smart keeping nightgown under apron..
You have a great day..