Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shop Changes!

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After being sick feeling well feels incredible. Things were pretty good yesterday, I had some time while blee napped in the Pack n Play (a big deal) to tinker with my shop so tinker I did. If you mosey on over and have a looksie you may notice two distinct changes. The first one is that the size categorizing has been replaced with categories based on subject. I think this will make searching easier, and to help even further I have added dimensions to all my titles. Other than ACEOs, I think the ACEO label is enough for now.

I also removed and added some items from my Studio Sale section. I'm going to be doing some further tweaking while I get ready for my show in May. I'm not sure if I will be directing people to my Etsy shop for purchase or if I will be taking the work hanging down from Etsy for the duration of the show. Since the venue is not taking a commission (yay!) I can probably keep everything on Etsy. I will probably make a section of the work featured so buyers have an easy time finding what they saw in person without having to go through all my listings. I want to make purchasing as easy as possible. These pieces will have an unframed and a framed price that will only be available to local buyers.

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LazyTcrochet said...

Your shop looks great! I like the subjects in the sections.
Glad you're feeling better!