Monday, March 03, 2008

Repetition - Sewing

I'm sewing!
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Sewing can be very calming as it requires a lot of focus for me. It worked once before and liked it, I just kept forgetting to bring out the needle and thread and do it again. This time I had my composition all laid out without it but something was missing. So I dug around for my monotype printed and drawn bags and cut out a strip from it and then got out some thread and a needle. This time it is on an 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas. Once I stitched the strip to the backing woodblock print. From a woodblock print that almost worked but not quite, but I knew I wanted to keep it mostly intact like a stage for the rest of the image to come. Then I got out a brush and some gel medium and got to collaging.


Collage #21 - angle

365 Sketch

I don't know how I managed to pull this off in between a troubled teething baby, but somehow my drive overcame and I used every moment of peace I had making this. I even did some of the sewing while I had her sleeping in one of the carriers against me. Very carefully of course! All sorts of materials are used in this piece. I'm putting together what I am learning about collage more and more along with the growing collection of sketches on various bits of paper. Some of these sketches get directly collaged, while others get burned onto a Gocco screen and printed so they can be collaged in multiple colors many times.

The day started off pretty rocky as expected after the Sunday night implosion. But it improved over time and ended up being not too bad. Especially for a Monday!


High Desert Diva said...

I like all the different layers/textures

stilettoheights said...

I love how intricate it is, you have captured both boldness and a delicate feeling at the same time.

Shannon said...

Your collage looks beautiful. :)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Thanks! I am really enjoying the paper sewing. I'd like to try a machine at some point and see if my papers can even handle it. I have a neighbor with a machine so I don't have to buy one with money I don't have and store it with space I have even less of.

I did another collage this morning rather spur of the moment, but I haven't decided how I feel about it.

I haven't decided what I want to do artistically today.

Racheal said...

Hi! I love the stitching! Question, is that book in the background on your last photo from Dover Publications? I have been looking for a book like that filled with basic designs but everything seems themed (Celtic designs, art nouveau, etc). Lastly, I don't know how you do it with a teething baby!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Thanks Racheal. It is a Dover book called "Art Forms in Nature" and it rocks for inspiration. I highly recommend it.

almapottery said...

Your sewn collage looks beautifully fragile.I love it.The teething baby ,aww,mine was cheving ice cubes in one of those veggie meshes you get at target, it helped a lot.

gilfling said...

I love the addition of the stitching into your work - I use hand and machine stitching on paper all the time - if you are wanting to over stitch alot with a machine I find that adding a fine layer of fabric under or over the paper (such as organza or chiffon) just gives it extra stability.

And I just have to mention that I am in awe of the amount of art you are managing with a baby! I can't imagine having to juggle things like that (we are hoping to find out some time next year ;) ) but I do really admire you for the amount you are creating and the quality of the work - you seem to really be stretching yourself artistically and that is wonderful to watch!

Jeanette said...

I love this collage,just beautiful.

Anonymous said...



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