Monday, March 24, 2008


wrap tei smiles
wrap tei smiles
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Was not the best day for our little crew. It had some good moments but overall it just left us feeling terrible at the end of the day. We didn't get a single Easter picture. I was dressed nice, had my prettiest sling and a well dressed baby even after she spit up all over the first outfit and bib I had picked for her. But then things got hectic and negative and the camera stayed in the bag never coming out for even one shot. We didn't get any Christmas pictures due to a possibly allergy induced freakout on her part. So far the only holiday pictures we have gotten is Thanksgiving. I don't know why but this really bothers me.

My mother-in- law had a lot to do with the badness of Easter, and I am going to leave it at that. Other than to say it wasn't something she did to me but something she did to my husband and his brother.

I'm trying to make today different. But I don't feel like blogging much right now, not in the mood that I am in. Instead we are going to go out now that it is warming up a bit.

I'm still updating Etsy with the stuff from last week daily after a weekend breather and my Studio Sale is still going on with possible new pieces as I go though my stash and pull stuff out. Spring cleaning continues.


I think I am going to buy blee a toy to cheer up. I like getting simple wooden toys for her and I have my eye on the perfect ball. Normally I try to steer clear of retail therapy, but I don't think a ten dollar item isn't the end of the world. Especially if it gets us out of the house. And at least it isn't throwaway plastic made in China. Am I justifying?


Caroline said...

Pfft, I don't think you're justifying. Enjoy your day however you need to to make yourself feel better. Whether that means a bit of shopping or a slice of cake or just a long walk... I don't think you should feel guilty for the occasional splurge.

Sorry it wasn't a great Easter... but that picture of you and blee is great!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

How about both? I already did the bit of cake and had a piece of leftover easter cake. It tasted like ashes. I kid, it tasted good.

One plus is that I was able to fit into a pre-pre-pregnancy skirt. I really wanted a picture of that but I can always wear it again and get one and hopefully by then I will be even smaller. Despite the cake indulgence I am losing weight.

Who knew that walking around with a twenty pound weight strapped to ones body would aid weight loss. Combine that with giving up beer and soda and I've shed quite a few the past month and a half.

Now about twenty to go. Ugh.

Kellybot said...

Oh, boo! Hope you have a better week - retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I got her the coolest teether ever.

Space Oddities said...

sorry the day didn't go great. ours was not the best, either. holidays can be rough.

yay for a fun teether! and cake and fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes!!

Ellen Shipley said...

I always had a camera to my face when Will was growing up. He must have thought his mother had a mechanical appendage. ;-j

But there are very few actual holiday pictures. Holidays are hectic by nature. Just enjoy the time with Blee and rely on the pics that surround the day to help you place the occasion in time.

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