Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adventures in Monotypes

Monotype Fun!
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Awhile back I got some Akua Kolor waterbased monotype inks along with some special application tools. So far I have played around with them twice.

The first time didn't go well at all. And the second was heading that way until I switched from the excellent bright white Arches 88 that is recommended to some paper bags. Suddenly the same images that looked terrible on the paper looked great and filled with life, on a cheap paper bag. Funny how things work out. This was about a month ago. Some of these bags I cut up for collage. Some I drew on before using them in collage and some I saved.

Then late last week when I had another project that wasn't going as planned I brought out the already printed bags and block printed in white on top of a couple of them. Now suddenly I like them so much that I can't use them in collages, but I have to find a way to display them. I am thinking of doing a series of them, five in total to make up lunches for the week. Lunch - Monday and Lunch - Tuesday are complete (outside of framing). How would you frame these? I am thinking shadowbox at the moment.

Also got some abstract ACEOs out of the method, but for some reason the proper print paper just isn't working for me.

365 blee -28/365



Yesterday was better than Monday and Tuesday by a pretty wide margin. We started our day with a walk around the neighborhood because it was supposed to rain later. Then when it didn't rain we were overjoyed and took another walk. But the biggest success of the day was finding that when I have her in my orange Psling my left arm is left free enough that I can rest her on my right hip while sitting and draw, scan in work and lots of other tasks that are impossible with her in a front carry. Not only that, but she was sleeping the whole time I drew and scanned in work! It was super sweet. Yes, my stash of carriers has gotten a little large and I feel a bit embarrassed about that. But I use each one of them depending on the day and what we are doing. And there is a good chance that we will be selling our stroller. IT never gets used.

Today I may burn some Gocco screens for printing from some drawings I did yesterday. Or I may just focus on cutting up some of that pretty paper I got over the weekend.

Hope you have a great day right along with me. It is almost the weekend!


tatsuko said...

Sounds like some great days :) I love your lunch series! I agree, a shadow box would be good, so that they're lightly applied, not smashed down, with a substantial border around it - not right next to the frame; sorry, I don't know all the technical framing terms, but I can totally see them framed this way ☺ Waving to blee and kitty!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

*waves back with blee and kitty*

Okay, maybe not the kitty as he tends to be a little surly.

A friend outside this blog suggested posting it inside the shadowbox with headpins and I really like that idea. First I need to finish the series.