Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Square Canvas Collages

Here they are! All of my six inch square collages. And I am quite proud of all of them. But I am officially out of all my canvas panels. I have one 8"x8" gallery stretched canvas and I had better make it good as those aren't cheap. If I get into using stretched canvas I am going to start doing it myself. I did it in art school, even high school all the time. Even going as far as making my own stretcher bars. That part I won't be doing.

The top right collage may be my favorite having added a touch or a drawing from my sketchbook in the upper righthand corner. I like how it ties in with the pattern in her shirt. I think without it the piece just wouldn't be the same. That gives it balance. Whenever I am making anything balance is very high on my mind. It is delicate and easy to throw off if one isn't thoughtful. But at the same time I want to be spontaneous.

Right now about half of them are in my shop with the others coming shortly. The mixed-media ACEOs are with all my other ACEOs. Making sections that make sense is difficult!

I need to shower, run some errands and go to the doctor today. At least the weather is nice. Blee and I enjoyed taking the dog for a long walk yesterday using our new Ergo baby carrier. It is great and will be even better for back carry, but I am getting a bit impatient waiting for my mei tai. The company says it takes three to three and a half weeks to make but this is really pushing it.


Cicada Studio said...

WOW! I love where this is taking you!

Ellen Shipley said...

I really like the blue one in your shop. 8-]

Persimmons Gal said...

I love those...great work.

Cocoa Pod said...

Gorgeous! I love them all.

Beth Robinson said...

I meant to comment earlier. I love these. You've translated your layering of images wonderfully into layering of paper in compositions that keep the eye moving around.