Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back from Hell

She Waits in Darkness
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Fall is Coming

Yesterday sucked, but first the goodness.

More mixed-media collages are coming, I have one drying right now. A six inch square on canvas panel piece. I have one more canvas panel and an eight inch square gallery stretched canvas as well to work with. Plus cards and other things around the studio until I can get more canvas. I think this weekend I will pick up some eight inch canvas panels.

These two pieces are from the end of last year, I had so many I neglected to scan some and am getting to the last of them now. Getting into the collages distracted me as well. I also hope to block print my newly carved blocks (well new in the sense that they haven't been used yet) this weekend. Friday would be best as I think we will be meeting Jon's parents in Connecticut on Saturday (and Ikea maybe) and spending time with two of our bests friends on Sunday during their visit to Boston from Brooklyn. Hello brunch with banana and Nutella crepe goodness!

I'm still having a hard time but am plowing through. Jon stayed home yesterday because he needed to do some things so he worked from home. It sounds great but it actually kinda stinks as blee tends to be more of a handful when he is around. And since he is working he can only give me a limited amount of help. I nearly pushed him out of the door after the day we had yesterday. She didn't nap at all until she went down at six. That means twelve hours of no sleep. They aren't supposed to be able to stay up for much longer than two hours at a time at this age. When she did go down it was hard to as she was overly tired. But once she was down it was glorious. Too bad we were both exhausted.

Tuesdays are always better than Mondays! My least favorite days are Mondays and Fridays.

Expect at least one collage tomorrow, maybe more depending on how I spend my time today. I have other things that I really should get to so I may just give art a break for the rest of the day as I have already gotten a lot done and it isn't even ten!

Have a good one!

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