Monday, January 21, 2008

Modish Feature!

don't tip over!
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Today my other work of art, my studio is Modish Handmade Spaces feature. It is a great website and I am honored. I've been building it up, taking away and rearranging it for three years now and I am pretty proud of it. It is always changing. With the baby I pretty much have to keep it fairly clean and can't let it get like it did last year when I was in the middle of my very long and miserable pregnancy. It is impossible to get work done in such a mess and it isn't safe for the wee one. I had to make room for her space in my space!

Embarrassing Studio

Embarrassing Studio

Embarrassing Studio

Today has been difficult. Blee has not only been fussy, but crazy hungry and also when she isn't fussing she expresses her joy by trying to break the windows with her voice. She thinks screaming at the top of her lungs hitting octaves I didn't even know about is sooooo funny! And when I pick her up she just smiles and then does it in my ear.

But somehow she slept late so I was able to get a collage in before she woke up and my day went to hell. Thank you Modish for improving my day significantly and helping me remember that even with bad days I am still a very lucky girl.

#10 - Collage Challenge


andrea said...

Great article over yonder. You sure seem to have multi-tasking down to a fine art!

m.Lee said...

Thanks! Yeah, I am rarely doing under three things at once it seems. Even before the baby, but now even more than ever before.

Steph said...

I love the collages you have shown here.

I am also impressed by what you are able to get done while also being mommy to blee.
Maybe you should write an article for the storque!

jen said...

nice write up! where did you get those nifty colorful stacking plastic bins? i need those.

m.Lee said...

Maybe Steph!

Jen I got the bins from the Container Store. I love that place!