Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The end of a sketchbook

morning moleskine
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My demons are at me again. Just need to keep busy to keep the negative thoughts away as they can only do harm.

Felt like giving up on the collage challenge, today is difficult for some reason. Yesterday would have been hard too if I hadn't done it first thing. Not so today instead I woke up and did this sketch comprised of various doodads from earlier sketches. I have a tweaked version on printer paper ready to be burned onto a Gocco screen once it is dry enough and I get the chance.

It was then that I decided what I want to try for my collage. I knew that I didn't want to use another ACEO blank or another canvas panel as I used those twice in a row. I also knew that I want to go through materials that haven't been used in awhile and incorporate them. Crayons! Maybe I am more into the whole multi-media aspect than strict collage. But there will be collage in it somewhere.

If you haven't already please run over to Modish to check out my studio in their Modish Handmade Spaces feature.

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