Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last Minute

Purple Locks
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Wrapped in her Finery

Blowing Through Town

Tomorrow is the last day to order for Christmas in the US and expect it to arrive by Christmas using 1st Class mail. Pickup is at 1pm so they must be placed no later than noon to give me time to package and get to the Post Box. Priority upgrades available.

It wasn't easy to find the energy, but once blee went down yesterday I printed until my 11pm cutoff (roughly). It is hard because she no longer wants to take naps during the day. If I am lucky she will go down just long enough for me to shower in one and eat in another. That's it. Mostly she just wants to be played with and held constantly.

While I love this close bonding it is tiring. But I insisted on working and now I have a pile of pieces to scan in and a bit of a mess in my studio.

Other than maybe some paper cutting during down time no art today other than scanning and cleaning. Mostly I want to focus on her and cleaning up the house when I can. I can actually do quite a bit around the house while wearing her, especially with the Moby Wrap. But I don't know what was wrong with me but yesterday I kept messing it up.

These three pieces will go up in my shop today. I have gotten into a habit of setting seven things that I need to do above all else each day, switching one in and replacing it with something different daily. For example since I printed yesterday that won't be on my list today. I think keeping as much of a routine as I can is important to my health. That includes going to bed before midnight every night. I shoot for 11 but have a hard time making it. For me it isn't just about getting a good amount of sleep but sticking to a schedule or my brain goes haywire.


stilettoheights said...

I love that blue color you are using, very classy and perfect for this time of year.

m.Lee said...

Thanks! Lots of cool tones lately in my work.

But I am going to mix it up a bit with some of my half finished pieces the next time I print. I am planning on using a rich brick red.

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Love that new one in the middle. These recent works with the figures are very nice, your best work it seems to me (other than the moon my wife bought for me *wink*).

Anonymous said...



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