Monday, December 17, 2007

Farewell Extras

Last night was the series finale of the fabulous HBO/ BBC show Extras by Ricky Gervais (the original British Office creator) and it was bittersweet. Since it is a British show of course it isn't going to go longer than two or three seasons unless it is Dr. Who. The show is the very popular uncomfortable painfully funny type that is popular right now, but unlike shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm it isn't so uncomfortable that I can't watch it.

This one had moments where I had to cringe and put my head in my hands. And it was pretty depressing. You know it is depressing when Kate Bush gets played. The show has always had interesting picks for the soundtrack, including a Sufjan Steven's Christmas song playing throughout last nights episode. And the strange and perfect closer that I got into enough that I actually downloaded it and am playing it now, and I am not a Cat Steven's fan by any means.

But despite the sadness and the degree of uncomfortable feelings it was still some of the best TV out there. I love how celebrities appearing on the show are totally willing to make themselves look ridiculous. Even like total pricks like Clive Owen came off like in a totally great over the top way. If you aren't familiar try searching YouTube for Extras featuring Kate Winslet, Patrick Stewart, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Radcliff.

Some of you may recognize the blond as the seamstress from Ugly Betty.

With the writers strike now we have nothing to watch until The Wire and Lost.


I am doing art here and there. But this last week or two blee has decided that she really hates daytime naps. She goes down hard at night but still she is only sleeping twelve or so hours a day and that is pretty low for a baby. She is taking a lot of my attention. In fact I need to go and strap her on.

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stilettoheights said...

I keep meaning to get Extras on DVD, I have never seen it, though I will admit I was afraid it would be too uncomfortable for me....when I used to watch Curb Your Enthu. I would be so tense I could sometimes barely look at the screen, lol

m.Lee said...

It is just as good and way more watchable for those of us that have a hard time taking the uncomfortable than Curb Your Enthusiasm or the British Office.

You can always check youtube.