Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Favorites!

Art Cards from today
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
From yesterdays printing session. Here are some of the strongest art cards I have made in awhile. Sure, they might induce an acid flashback in some but I love the colors. Not really what I had in my head but that is half the fun! I never can anticipate exactly what I am going to end up with. Expect these and more working their way into my shop in the next few weeks.

I didn't finish anything large yesterday but I have more small to midsized pieces and still plenty cooking. But I totally exhausted myself both physically and mentally. By the time Jon came home my back and feet were killing me and my brain was pretty fried. At least I had company while I worked other than blee. She's great and all but a friend of mine that does contract work from home brought over lunch and parked himself and his laptop in my glider chair and worked with me. I often feel so isolated from people so I think this was good for me. We had a good time and plan on being "co-workers" again sometime soon. Both of us were able to get a lot done I think. I managed to juggle blee, art and an important phone call successfully but ended up hurting for it in the end.

Some good things are happening. Change is in the wind.

And with that goodnight or good morning because I have been dumb yet again and stayed up much too late. I wish it was the weekend already.


MagicJelly said...

I love the colours fresh!

tootsiegrace said...

Your work is so beautiful!

fernfiddlehead said...

mLee -- I love the colors in those cards. Very fresh and full of new life. I'm glad you were able to juggle the baby and your work and that you had some company.

maria said...

it's amazing how much energy you have! good job :)

Megan said...

Love the colors! SO pretty.