Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can still work! (a little)

Taking it on!
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Morning to all! Another Tuesday and no baby. Last night we were convinced she was on her way and were even using the computer to time contractions. Then the power went out and we both fell asleep. I guess they must not have been true contractions after all. I'm sure we are not the only impatient one at this point.

After having a few slug days in a row I had a small burst of energy last night a couple hours before bedtime. It wasn't super hot out and I had the air on and the door closed and Jon was in the bedroom hanging curtains. (now our bedroom can finally be nice and dark when we sleep). At first I thought maybe I would do some printing, but I realized that is insane and way too much commitment once I have my inks out so I decided to start carving this puppy instead! I know there is no way it will get finished anytime soon but I might as well get it started. Normally I carve standing up because I feel I get a better angle that way but pregnant I try to sit as much as possible. But at times it just wasn't possible and as I bent over to carve my belly would press up against my lower body. Seriously not comfortable and i tried not to do that often! Don't worry I didn't overdue it and stopped after about an hour and then took a lovely cool shower.

I've been feeling like such a useless slug with nothing but wanting this baby out on my mind for days now. It felt good to let out some creativity even if it wasn't much.

And now i have a bedroom with dark curtains so me and the baby can sleep better. I then vacated my studio and he hung curtains in there too. We got curtains for the whole place but the ones in the bedroom and my studio are the most important because that is where she will be sleeping. And the studio corner with her pack and play bassinet has a window right there that didn't even have blinds. I think we need to get even more to block light in there.

For a couple of days we were thinking that we want to have this baby on the 18th, that way she can share the date with both of us! That and see Superbad in the theaters on Friday the 17th! But I have since changed my mind and want her out ASAP. The more time passes the bigger she gets and from her squirms I am thinking she is very big and cramped in there!

Making art, listing on Etsy and putting stuff on Flickr is becoming less important in my mind. Blogging is becoming more difficult as well. I'm so tired so much of the time. But I have discovered that people tend to jump to the conclusion that I am having the baby if I don't at least poke my head out once a day! I was thinking if the power wasn't back on by morning I would have to call somebody to post that I am not having the baby I just don't have power! I swear that other than my mother in law my friends and the people I know through Etsy are the most excited about her arrival. Or maybe it is just that my family tends to be very reserved.

We have plans for a BBQ at a friend's house and a play date for local greyhounds to run around in a fenced in area tonight. Jon is working on finishing up some major projects at work before he takes his leave. So probably she'll come sometime today! That is fine with me because I really would like to avoid getting induced or having a C section. Recovery for a C can be really difficult and I have a big art fair that I would really like to do at the end of September. It is very important to me.

P.S. feeling better after my emotional moodiness from the last post! Thanks for being understanding.


stilettoheights said...

I am glad you got some stuff done....I really think the baby is coming soon, now I think it will be Wednesday night.

I am moving tomorrow so will not be around for the blog love....just in case you are busy, birthing you little (hopefully not too big) blee.


fernfiddlehead said...

And another day checked off the calendar. We etsians are excited for bLee's arrival (not to mention other etsy babies on their way). Have a restful day....

Katie said...

We're all waiting to meet bLee. Have fun at your play date~

Becca said...

yep, i'm definitely one of the excited etsians anticipating blee's arrival. i'm also hoping that she decides to arrive on her own and you don't need to be induced or anything.

That block is crazy awesome. glad you got some work done on it. :)

b'oki. said...

congrats on your curtains! carving for me is the opposite -- i could never carve standing :) Don't worry about blogging so much, I'm sure one of your friends can all let us know if the baby comes :) I'm so excited! i think its cool that you were in your studio carving even if it was for a little bit. i love your determination and the photo of your belly :) take good care and try not to worry so much. when i waited up to my last minutes to leave for the hospital i rocked in the baby's rocking chair and it relaxed me.

Sweet Spice said...

yay on being able to take your mind of your uncomfortableness...I love the picture that you took looking down at your workspace...that will be such an awesome photo to share with blee =o)


m.Lee said...


Carving smaller blocks sitting down with the block at a slight angle works well for me. but I don't have anything to angle a block this size.

I wish I was more comfortable sitting down while carving!