Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Scrap Paper Prints Can Be More than Buttons!

Ginkgo Leaves ACEO and Case
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
They can be made into a beautiful set of two prints or a very special art card.

When I have a printing session I like to print on every scrap of paper I have. Normally I use these small scraps of printed art for my one of a kind magnets, buttons and mirrors. But I just happened to have one piece of my lovely Japanese mulberry paper torn the exact size of an ACEO/ ATC so when I printed on that I knew it couldn't be turned into any sort of product! The beauty of this piece with its fuzzy hand torn edges and delicate paper is also the problem with it. It isn't much of a card in the literal sense is it? But the only rule with art cards is the size. I couldn't bear to ruin it by mounting it to a card so I needed to come up with a better solution.

That is when I remembered that awhile ago I did an ATC swap with the wonderful Jennifer Gordon (aka stilettoheights) and that the card she sent me came in an impressive thick plastic display case. A case that she was able to provide since she owned a comic book store at the time. Well, I hadn't needed the case for my method of display so I took her card out, but I of course kept the case. This case turned out to be the perfect solution for my special art card but I was missing one of the screws! Oh no! Looking at hardware stores was not helping as I could not find any the right size. Being the nice girl that she is she kindly sent me some screws and now I am able to present you all with this well packaged ready to display ACEO! I'm quite happy with it. It currently happens to be the only ginkgo leaf image that I have in art card form. These cases are quite expensive so I don't expect I will be getting anymore. I don't even know where to get them. But they certainly look and feel expensive! This is the kind of trading card case people put their Mickey Mantels in not their... some no name baseball player I know so little about baseball and it is showing now.

Yet another case of scrap prints going horribly (wonderfully) wrong! I love it when things work out!

*a different version of this post was made on the ACEO Etsy Street Team Blog. Apologies to those that have seen it twice. I figure that most of you probably haven't.


Camplin said...

I will be taking some more print making classes in my MFA program this year. I am so excited. It is always fun to see your work.

m.Lee said...

Thanks! Enjoy the class. What method will you be taking?