Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Past Two Days

Art Cards from July 15th
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Good morning everybody. I am currently abstaining from my morning pot of coffee or tea because I have ideas of crawling back into bed after I post this. I am fairly awake right now and have been for about an hour, but I am very tempting. And since Jon is staying home today he is still in bed and that makes me want to crawl back in even more!

So here are the ACEOs that wore me out making this past Sunday. So far I only have three of them listed, but I have too much new work (a good position to be in for sure) and have to pick and choose. I even have a few more older ones that I haven't gotten around to listing yet. I am overflowing! And I have around twenty-five full sized pieces completed!

The total for Sunday's mad eight hour printing session stands at;
25 - full sized pieces
9 - ACEOs
2 - failures
2 - unfinished or hmmmm pieces
3 - oddly sized but cool not sure what to do with them pieces

After all this I was dead physically and mentally. I crawled into the comfy chair I just added to my studio complete with much needed ottoman and didn't move for hours. The only time I moved was when Jon unfortunately left the water running and was out of the house. And let me tell you hobbling across the hall to the bathroom was all kinds of pain! It was nice to sit but the entire time I felt guilty because I still needed to pack up orders. Unlike last July sales have been quite good for me and I have been having a hard time keeping up.

But yesterday I was able to get them packed up and they are all on their way now. I did it in stages. First I gathered up everything and put them in their plastic sleeves or other packaging depending on the item. Then I cut up the cardboard I sandwich the prints between. Taped it all together and since I was sitting down and didn't want to move I covered them all with some of my newfound stamps. An added bonus of the stamps is I find it helps me identify what orders are what. Then I napped for two hours. Woke up and started weighing items and shipping labels. By the time I was done Jon was home and able to take everything to the Post Office for me.

I also changed my shipping policies from shipping within 48 hours (just not possible for me right now) to shipping every Tuesday and Friday. Unless I go into labor on one of those days! I think it is a fair policy that even people that aren't pregnant have.

Today I am feeling the itch to print again. But I am going to do my best to hold off because I am likely to take it too far and hurt myself. Instead I should photograph mirrors and carve. I made a bit of an exciting purchase off the Dick Blick site and need a new block or two for it. Other than some small art card blocks these new blocks may be the last blocks I carve for quite awhile. This makes me sad.

Good Tuesday to everybody. Tonight I share a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant with Sweetestpea Jen! I just realized that I forgot to remind her to bring back our copy of season one of The Wire to return and knowing how hectic her life is she probably won't remember. And it is too late now. I'm sure she has already left for work. And you should all Netflix it!


Space Oddities said...

wow, you got a LOT done! that is awesome!!

KiWi said...

oh yay, ACEOs. What a great idea. They are beautiful.

allison strine said...

ooooh, you rock! You got lots done and they look gorgeous. Love the composition of the eye/hair one especially!

m.Lee said...

Thanks guys! Every idie artist should do ACEOs/ ATCs. I just love collecting them.

Anonymous said...

:) You do a wonderful job at making them as well. You may like collecting them but never stop making them. :) Even if you are worn out at the end of the day. I can relate to that. :) Great ACEO's! Thanks for sharing them! *HUGS*

m.Lee said...

Thank you angela!

stilettoheights said...

your new cards are wonderful, they look so dynamic in groups!!!

try and take it a bit easy...

when is blee due? My birthday is August 20th