Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nesting Continues

Soft Coral
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Hope everybody in the hotter parts of the world like me are doing their best to keep cool this summer. Though can Boston really be considered one of the hotter parts?

Yesterday started out hopeful with a nice cooling rain, but that cooling rain soon turned to humid heat that still remains today. Bad since I got the nesting organization bug bad! Last night I was on a cleaning and putting stuff away rampage. Until I could barely move my body hurt so much and I had to limp into bed well past midnight. I decided to spring for more drawers because I just have more stuff that needs to get put away! I am fed up with having things not having a proper place. And since an entire table that is filled with crap needs to go to make room for a playpen type device more drawers are a must! Throwing stuff out is a must as well. So far I have tossed three bags of garbage. The drawers that I showed stacked under my work table are now gone from there and moved into the corner where the easel that I was using for nothing but clipping on a light and propping up woodblocks used to be. I don't paint! That is in the stairwell now. A much more productive use of that space is to have the six drawers stacked in that corner. instead with a light on top The area has more room to move around now which will be nice when printing. It is no longer super cramped like it used to be. I still may end up getting two more drawers.

The lady checking me out at the Container Store ended up chatting me up about what I was going to do with so many drawers. She was the same person that rang me up yesterday so I guess the sheer amount made her curious. When I told her about how they were for my studio not the nursery she asked what kind of art I make and seemed very interested when I told her printmaking. She mentioned how she has some intaglio prints from a Cape Cod artist and wondered if that is like what I do. I gave her a quick explanation about the two processes and how they are basically opposites. She asked for a card and I gave her one. It doesn't matter much to me if this leads to a sale, but I had fun talking about my art and processes with a random person. Sales are nice but just talking about art and sharing with people is plenty rewarding. The people at that store are always super friendly, I just love going there.

Speaking of good things I certainly have a doosy! While I adore all of my buyers and have been completely blessed by them, one of them just went over the top and floored me yesterday. Fellow greyhound lover and all around wonderful person greytlife surprised us with a package of baby goodies from a fabu Etsy shop called L'Equipe Boutique! I couldn't believe it. And I can't stress enough how gorgeous these items are. When we get our nursery completed we are going to lay out highlights from the fabulous stuff we have received from her and from many others and get a picture of it all together to share. Both my husband and I are touched by this kindness and eternally grateful. The Etsy community has emotionally adopted this baby and shown so much love for her ever since I found out and announced it on the forums many months ago. Not just with gifts but with support and helpful advice during the difficult periods during the pregnancy. When I went to Etsy to teach in May everybody was so nice to me and excited about my growing belly. I am really looking forward to bringing her there after the birth as soon as I am able to travel.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everybody for this showering of kindness.

And here is a piece that I consider soft and kind. It illustrates my current mood quite well. I feel a calmness whenever I look at it.

I've already written so much and I haven't even gotten to the Power of Art episode on Rothko that I watched last night. I will get to that tomorrow!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Enjoy the nesting and get everything all clean and tidy--there won't be a lot of time for it after the baby comes.
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

Ugggg! The weather is sooo draining! Thanks for sharing this with us!