Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Maeby Cockroaching
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
After days of rain the sun is out and everybody in the house is feeling it. Especially the dog apparently!

I'm hoping that the sun is also out in Brooklyn now because yesterday Kate finished making my one of a kind mirrors, big magnets and some other nifty items but it was so grey she couldn't get any good photographs of them.

Speaking of good photographs I was hoping to snap a picture of the Tea Noir that arrived yesterday but my camera batteries are dead and have to be charged. Yay for her living in the same state as me I got my tea faaaaast! I will be enjoying iced Lychee tea again very soon. It looks and smells wonderful.

I finally updated this blog so not only does it no longer look quite so shabby but I also updated my links on it. Now people that I respect like Jennifer Gordon,Jenn Schmitt, and
Tamara Shea are finally getting linked to! I'm trying to keep my links more artsy than craftsy. Tamara makes jewelry sure, but she makes block printed jewelry so I had to include her! I'm still tinkering with how I want it to look. Anything big missing?


stilettoheights said...

aw, thank you for adding me to your blog!!

your dog, is adorable, I love that photos.


m.Lee said...

She's a sweetie.