Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh the mess!

Butterfly at Night
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I want to go somewhere quiet, pretty and away from the city.

My studio is a huge mess that I must work on as with whatever energy I have today. I really need to print and right now that just isn't possible with this mess. My precious is shamefully buried in stuff. Sure it is not easy to do stuff now, but it most certainly isn't going to get any easy when the baby arrives!

Burrito is doing better, she is a bit perky and is eating again. We both have some hope for her now when we didn't have much of any before.

My new camera came yesterday, but so far I have only had the chance to use it for cat and studio pictures. Now that the light is good this morning I should be able to get some product shots with it. With no more memory card errors. It is quite lovely and very tiny. It is great! I've never had a camera that could be described as adorable before. As an added bonus I think I used it to convince Jon that we don't need a camcorder just yet. The 30+ minute high quality videos that this camera takes are more than enough for the baby. I don't think any of our friends or family would appreciate longer movies of baby crawling or baby smiling. The camcorder can wait until she is older. And I do not want any filming during the birth!

If the baby were to come now, at eight months, we would be ready to handle her pooping. Not much else but we have that part covered. On Saturday the two of us put together the baby's changing table/ dresser. I'm very amused whenever Jon tries putting together... anything because he is just so bad at it. I love him and think he is a brilliant man and that is why I find his inabitilty to read instructions quite humorous. He can build computers and do all sorts of complex stuff yet I have seen him struggle to put together a lamp. Whenever he gets stuck I take over and figure out what is missing right away. As long as the instructions are in english or have clear pictures I do just fine. We worked together and now we have a very nice place to change poopy diapers. Hurrah!


dinahmow said...

Hi! Pleased Burrito's picking up.(Josh is hanging in).
Your studio makes me feel better about my non-studio mess all through the house.But maybe you do need to clear your drafting table...no!wait...you have a new change table you can use!
Glad your funny bone still jangles.

m.Lee said...

Burrito is doing much better now! She is eating, talking and is becoming more and more perky daily. We really dodged a bullet. She is a trooper.