Monday, April 16, 2007

Queen of the Fingerpuppets!

Everybody needs fingerpuppets!
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Congratulations to my talented friend Stacey Rebecca for getting featured on Etsy starting yesterday. These are my three fingerpuppets from her; lag monster, stoic pumpkin and chickenbutt. I really want a couple more but it is so hard to decide which ones to get! I never knew I needed fingerpuppets until I met her!

The weather here is just awful. I can't do anything productive until I clean my studio. I have some boxes that stuff came im over the past few months that really need to go. They are seriously getting in my way. Once I get things cleaned up in here I should seriously work on printing some third layer prints and hopefully ending up with some quality, finished pieces. I'm starting to itch to carve again right now, but I don't think I should let myself make the mess bigger with wood chips until I have more work to put up.

Jon is home from work today because the Boston marathon is right outside his office making getting in nearly impossible. He went in last year and because of the marathon he had to walk around it just to cross the street to the office. This year everybody simply decided to work from home and avoid the chaos.

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