Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two Jellies
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The family left on Saturday morning after a very good Thanksgiving. We were able to show my husband's brother and his girlfriend around Boston a bit including a nice walk to the New England Aquarium. It isn't spectacular like the Shed Aquarium that I grew up with in Chicago, but it was nice. Using Jon's new cameraphone I snapped a bunch of photos, some I would like to use for blocks in the future. I got some great images of jellyfish and coral. I am thinking about doing a large pattern block based off of a variety of coral that I saw. I ordered two 20"x30" blocks so I have the wood to do it on.

Yesterday after the inlaws left we went out and I got my very first pair of glasses. My vision is around 20/35 and I only need them outside, driving or at the movies. Inside doing my work it is best that I keep them off. I am stil getting used to wearing them as well as getting used to seeing the world clearly again.

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Claire said...

Wow! What a cool photo. A coral pattern could make a really neat block, too.