Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Red Leaves
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Red Leaves
Beautiful Dancer
Vibrant City
Purple Leaves ACEO
Blue Leaves v2 ACEO

Sunday night I did some one layer printing, it was the first time in a long while that I didn't do prints from start to finish. I just wasn't ready to go on with them. It was hard enough getting myself to print at all. Then yesterday Jenn came over to use my press and while she was using it I worked on carving my big block and listing on Etsy. Things are picking up and I have enough work to list often provided that I keep working at a steady pace. I need to stay as visible as possible. Though many of the ways I was visible before are simply gone with no date saying when they will return. When Jenn was ready to leave I had her leave her ink out for me to use on a few prints. I still have a couple of one layer prints left to use other colors with, this batch will have a lot more color variety as a result.

I also have two our of four of the colors of the custom portrait printed. The client wants four prints, each in a different color and I am doing a color a day.

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