Friday, November 17, 2006

Blue Butterfly
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Blue Butterfly

My focus is currently on larger works, but I still manage to do a couple of small pieces during print sessions. I like being about to offer high quality, beautiful work to people for $30 or less and doing small works allows this.

I am getting used to Version 2 of Etsy, but am waiting for certain key features to come back before I can really enjoy it. The jury is still out on it for now. It has some major problems with slow down and more. But each day it gets more and more stable. I have been up since 5am editing my listings to update them to version two. Just when I got about half done with them I started experiencing some major slowdown as users started waking up and getting on Etsy. That is enough editing for now.

Still working on the portrait, I hope to finish it today. If I work really hard on it I think that is a very reachable goal. Then I can send a picture of it off to the client and ask what colors she wants it printed in.

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