Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vibrant Plantlife
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Woke up at six am this morning and have been unable to go back to sleep. Have to be up in under an hour now anyhow so I might as well stay up and get a few things done. First I popped on Etsy and noticed that a treasury listing was about to expire leaving room for me to make my first Treasury List, all of fine art prints of some kind. I hope this list gets these great artists some love.

Then I tried sleeping again and failed miserably. So even though it is still early I decided to put a piece up on Etsy. I have enough in stock to get me by for awhile listing only once a day and I expect to have more made by Monday at the latest.

We have work at the food pantry at 9am today, after that I get to pick up some of the Japanese paper that I love so much. Then I tear and maybe print. A friend is having a birthday party tonight so I might not get to printing until Sunday depending on how my day goes. Sunday is pretty much open for me to do what I want. I am tempted to start a new carving right now, but I started and finished two yesterday so I will be cool and hold off on that until I see how they turned out.


Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Marissa,

These colors are great. And the floral images. A very good one. 8-]

m.Lee said...

Thank you Ellen. I have a big one too that I need to scan in pieces and put together using photoshop. Ugh.

Nina Kuriloff said...

I love the colors in this image!