Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kozo Paper
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This is what I did with my day yesterday. After coming back from the food pantry we stopped for lunch then walked over to the supply store that has all the good Japanese papers. I always use nice paper on my prints because I want them to last, but this time I got the nicest paper they had and it tore so brilliantly. It is beautiful paper. It is just a little bit thicker than my typical paper, but not as thick as western paper. I still have one piece of paper out that I could tear up before I print today. It would push me over the top and mean that I would definitely have enough to last me a few weeks. I could also tear some western and colored paper for monotypes and chine colle respectively. Last time I was at Dick Blick I found some awesome colored paper with a leaf pattern in it. I think it could look pretty cool in certain images of mine.

Expect some art today.

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