Friday, October 13, 2006

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Up early and with things to say. This is the only piece I have so far from the mother block, but once I tear some more paper I will be experimenting with other colors and background images. I really like the organic feel of the leaves and the biological feel of the shapes in the background. The background image comes from my "coral" block and was printed using yellow ochre mixed with gold etching ink. I can't find gold relief ink and I find that the pigment of etching ink isn't strong enough unless I mix it in with a relief ink. But it certainly adds shimmer to the piece.

I have a bunch of mail to send today, including the CD filled with my images and some signed documents for the bag ladies. This is what I should take care of first. Then what I do is up to me. Making some monotypes is calling my name so I think I will do that. Maybe make some progress on the 20"x30" block I am slowly carving.

Time to make some tea and toast and do some morning reading.

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Ellen Shipley said...

This is wonderful Marissa. I love the colors, the translucence of the figure, the background shapes. Just lovely. 8-]