Tuesday, August 22, 2006

See what the Dremel can do

Coral Woodblock
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Here is my latest creation in the process of being carved. I used the Dremel on much of this piece, all of the detailed little circular forms were made with it. Then I hand carved the edges with a V gouge and am now clearing the negative space. I am proud of this block and looking at it makes me smile. It is a background piece to build layers, not a stand alone piece, but I have blocks that would wok with it and plenty of ideas for new ones. I am really enjoying playing with a variety of tools on this piece. This piece is a lot of fun to work on. Having great tools is certainly a plus.

Even though my creative block is obviously gone I am keeping up with the writing and sketching daily. Sketching daily is how I came up with this pattern in the first place! It is usually my last sketch where I hit a winner. Yesterday I was very tired and found doing my writings difficult, but I got them done.

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