Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ideas are coming

Sketches from my moleskin
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I have been sketching daily. Recently my ideas have been focused on figures like these with a dark silhouette of a woman and pattern behind her. Similar to what is going on with this piece, but taken to another level. The background pattern would be a lot more varied and detailed with many subtle layers overlapping. With the figure tying it all together.

Now getting to work on this is hard for me right now. I have all these projects that I should print and finish up, but my mind has already moved on to this. But I feel bad about not finishing things so I end up doing nothing except developing this idea more. Because I want it to be perfect. The pattern block(s) are shaping up to be very large and complex. The idea is that I will probably do one on the largest piece of wood that I have (something like 26"x32") so that I have room to grow with the block and can use various parts of it with my smaller prints. But it will take a long time to carve. I haven't finished a piece in almost two months. I used to make 50+ in a month.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,
The best advice my husband ever gave me was to stop focusing on "used to" and focus on "now". I don't know about you but for me, getting to do any artwork is better than none, and you are still being very prolific even if it's not in finished prints! Your work is lovely and I'm glad you are continuing.