Thursday, June 01, 2006


Leaves 1/3
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
I am making pretty good progress on this pattern block and it should be done by Monday at the latest. Hopefully I will catch the UPS guy today and get the wood that I ordered from McClain's. He has to come before 4:40 because around then I need to leave to go to my art opening.

I am excited about tonight, I don't know what to expect but I hope to meet people from Mass Art and talk to them about possibly going back to school for my masters. I am looking at Mass Art and the Museum School.

My Flickr Printmaking group just hit 100 members and I am so excited about it. I created the group six months ago when I realized that there was no printmaking group on flickr. Then I promptly forgot about it and neglected it until I came to find that people were actually joining it. Well, people have continued to join at a pretty steady pace. It is great to see so many talented printmakers showing off their fantastic and varied work.


sunshinealways said...

I like this print. Would love to see your prints on fabric.

Mindy Wilson said...

Yes, I always thought Mlee's prints would make great fabric or fine gift wrap. When I saw this block this am, I thought...what a perfect summer skirt this would make to wear flip flops with and a cutie tee.

Oh, this is great. Can't wait to hear about your art opening. WoW!!

sunshinealways said...

I meant to say I like this pattern...(and will like the final print). Thinking ahead of myself here!

I want to know how designs from woodcuts could be transferred onto fabric. It would be so cool to design your own sheets!

Hope your art opening is a big success!