Friday, June 02, 2006


Button Set $3.75
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I got back into the Etsy booth for the South End Open Market on the 11th! I am getting ready to order a bunch of buttons from Kate Black, seeing if I can order in bulk and get a good discount. This time she is making me buttons using a total of six designs. They make great little promos.

Set is for sale on Etsy

The show last night went really well. There were a lot of people there and a number of my friends were able to make it. After the show I went out to dinner with my best friends Nick and Laura while Jon went off to do some training work junk. It was too bad that Jon couldn't join us, but it was also nice hanging out with just the two of them.

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sunshinealways said...

The buttons are unique promo items...

Glad to hear your art show did well. Would love to see pictures of the show!