Monday, June 05, 2006

Fire in my studio

Red Birds $30
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
I nearly burned the place down working to make this print.

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Early last night I was trying some monotype printing (hated it) and some smoke smell from outside was filtering into my studio and bugging me. So I lit this candle that an Etsy Person had given me as a gift. I don't normally do candles, but this one had a nice smell. An hour or so later I was done monoprinting and wanted to print the woodblocks I had finished. But I had no paper torn. While tearing the paper is when one sheet touched the candle and caught on fire. I didn't even notice until the paper was a third burned up. The fire was growing so I carefully picked up the paper and ran into the bathroom across the hall throwing it in the tub, then dumping water. While I was running the ball of flame got my hand pretty good. I spent much of last night with my hand soaking in a bowl of cool water, taking pain meds and putting on creams. This morning I have some blisters on my left hand (and I am left handed), but I should be able to work again.

This print was actually made after the fire. I didn't have any paper torn, but I had ink out and the pressure of my press was set and ready to go. So, in pain the whole time I tore one sheet of paper and made this print. Then rushed to soak my hand some more immediately after I was done! I just had to see what the birds and the leaves looked like together!


sunshinealways said...

Sorry to hear about the fire. Fortunately you had it under control.

I am amazed by the fine workmanship. The print looks good with the warm colors. This particular combination reminds me of batik prints from India.

sunshinealways said...

Saw the picture of your burns. Looks painful. Hope your fingers heal up soon. Take care.

Cris said...

The print turned out beautifully! Sorry about the fire, luckily it all turned out well.

m.Lee said...

Thanks for the feedback. I am pleased with this one and think it was worth the added pain.

At least I am still able to work!

Miss said...

Truly blood sweat and tears in this print! Really, you dont have to suffer for your art! Glad to hear that all is ok, hope you heal quick!