Monday, May 22, 2006

Time for a major restocking

Cat Tails v4
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
For the first time in what feels like forever I ordered more wood off of There used to be a time when I found myself ordering from them twice a month, now I can go two months without making an order. Before I could never afford to stock up as much as I wanted, now I can. I am totally out of 6"x6" blocks, but will soon have ten (meaning 20 carving surfaces!). I love McClain's! Now I wait for them to come from Portland Oregon!

Last week I ordered more ink from Daniel Smith, I should be getting that very soon. I may get a second presentation case to keep the work I have for sale separate from my portfolio work.

Tomorrow I take this piece to be hung at Mass Art at the Paine Gallery. Jon is picking up a frame for it at Ikea after work tonight. Opening reception is June 1st from 5-7; I would love it if local people could make it.

I need to print badly, but the inlaws are coming into town tonight and I need to clean more. No fun!


Shopaholic D said...

That's the worst part of running an artsy biz....when other stuff (cleaning, PR, marketing, web site) gets in the way of you getting to do your art! good luck w/ the house cleaning!

Ellen Shipley said...

I like the colors of this one. Very nice.

Anonymous said...



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