Monday, May 08, 2006

this weekend was...

Poppies v18 $30
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First, let me say that I just put this 6"x6" woodcut up for sale on Etsy. It is one of a number of prints that I made on Friday night.

Yesterday I went to the Somerville Open Studios with a friend. I learned that Somerville has the highest concentration of artists in the country. I walked away from one woman's studio with a beautiful monotype print as a trade, she is going to pick one of mine in the future. Maybe when I participate in the Jamaica Plain Open Studios in September. I saw another monotype by a different artist that I wanted to buy, but it had already sold. Nothing else caught I saw both caught my eye and my budget.

The last stop was Mixit Print Studios where I was happy to see my former teacher Annie Silverman, look at her beautiful art and catch up a bit. I hope to take a class with her again at some point, she had such a huge impact on my life. She is the person that got me into woodcut printing a year ago when I took her Print into Books class at Mass Art.

This morning I have some custom pendant orders to finish and mail off, as well as a couple of prints. I hope everybody had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. Do you do any larger works, and could you ship to Manchester?

Moe said...

nice work. i really like them.

m.Lee said...

I ship internationally and there are larger works in my store at