Monday, May 08, 2006

No longer doing ACEOs

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
While they sell okay, I think I have come up with a better job for these little pieces of art. Instead of selling them for 8- 10 dollars I am going to include them with pendant purchases as an example of my fine art. It is kind of hard giving these up, especially this guy, but getting them out there beats having them sit in a folder. I could sell them on ebay and they would go pretty fast there, but I just don't want to bother with eBay at this time.


Shopaholic D said...

I hate having my designs just sitting around! Maybe you could give them to friends as presents in addition to giving them with your orders?

:) Diana

- O S A K A - said...

great idea!

Mindy Wilson said...

I just love coming to visit your blog and your etsy site. Your work is fun and beautiful. Great eye candy.

Mindy Wilson