Friday, May 26, 2006

Leaving for the Weekend?

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I am possibly leaving for Maine today at noon, this means leaving Etsy, my website and my blogs behind for three days. There will be no internet and cell phone coverage is spotty. Will it be relaxing or will I go insane from Etsy withdrawal. I work so hard on my shop and feel that I need to be reachable at all times. Something bad could happen. Plus I have a lot of carving that needs to get done and I can't take it with me. I could bring some shrinky dink material for drawing and my sketchbook but other than that no work. If i get bored instead of going to the computer I may actually catch up on my reading!

Getting out of Boston for a few days could be just what I need right now. Hanging out with a friend that I haven't been spending enough time with will be good, but I wish that my husband could come. If he was coming then I would certainly go. But he has to work all weekend. So it is not like he could hang out with me if I stayed anyhow.

If I post after noon EST then I chickened out and didn't go.


Lohan said...

Taking a break is good. It will refresh you to start working anew when you are back. Cheers and have fun :-)

pinky said...

I understand your fears. My family goes on a beach trip every year and it just occured to me that I won't have internet, my beads, or my paints, FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

The breaks are good, but creating is something that is a part of our beings. So, it's hard to let that go. Whatever you chose, have fun!

m.Lee said...

The break was WONDERFUL. Thanks guys! I will write about it probably tomorrow.