Sunday, January 22, 2006

I have begun reserving certain prints so I can put up my own show soon. I have been selling pieces without thinking ahead up until this point. I ordered a presentation case that I can use to cart some of my art around Boston and hopefully find some interested galleries. Of coffee-shops and restaurants would be a nice start. I want to have a show of my own filled with nothing but square format prints. I have some pieces going up in a group show now, but they are all at least two months old and as a result I am not very into them anymore. In fact, having people see them is a little embarrassing.

This print is For Sale because I have another print that is very similar to it.


Benny Alba said...

Hi Friend.

I"m part of the Baren group... I see that you're looking forward to going more public. I used to show in a lot of cafes and have had about 70 shows in alternative spaces (over 140 total). This isn't to brag. The experiences that the cafes gave me was invaluable. I remain greatful for the experiences.

I do wonder, tho, if you'd like to have a small brochure that talks about getting installing and such for cafe shows. It includes how to talk with folks, etc. who are curating as well as staff.

The title is "Cafe Clues: how to get your art out of the closet, from behind the couch and onto cafe walls." It's about 10 pages in booklet form. If you send me a 3 oz stamped (85c) #10 envelope and a coupla dollars (stamps ok) for reproducing, I'll be glad to send one. I did it as a community service but I don't want it on the Net because them it will be easily changed. I want all changes to be through me... and I never want anyone to charge for it as it is a community gift!

Let me know what you think. By the way, I'm the President of the California Society of Printmakers. Just so you know that this isn't something off the wall....

Good luck!

ArtSpotib Out
Benny Alba in studio

Benny Alba said...

Oh! foolish me!

My address is:
4219 M.L. King Jr Way
Oakland, CA 94609