Friday, January 20, 2006

I am not only happy with my recent batch of prints, but I am proud of myself for breaking out of the orange/ red swirl pattern rut I had fallen in. I still need to do more experimentation but this is a pretty good start. I want to do more with the squares.

The block of squares that I used for these prints is, as usual, a lot larger than the prints I usually do. That way I can get a lot of variety from the same block of wood and I only sort of have to worry about composition when I am carving. I have another block of pure pattern in the works, but this one is very large and I might not get to finishing it for awhile.


Ellen Shipley said...

I like these. They look like cityscapes -- both from the front and from above. Very interesting. Lots of movement.

Sharri L. said...

Very nice - especially the one combining the circles and squares. It is a much more pleasing composition - the old bugaboo when working the way you do!

Nels said...

Don't be in too much of a hurry to discount these new style of prints. Often times when doing a significant change to one's style, it is a natural reaction to not like them simply because they are so different, and one hasn't had time to spend with them. Give it a while, and then come back to them.

m.Lee said...

I am actually really happy with these prints. I didn't mean to give the impression that I am not. I guess I am just constantly feeling a bit frustrated wanting to push myself more. I don't think I have been challenging myself enough.

I just had some portrait work come in after a long break from that. Maybe that will be the challenge that I need. Something different.

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