Tuesday, December 13, 2005

After adding two more layers to some of those tiny prints I am pretty happy, I still have a few left to keep one color and a few left to add different colors too. This has been a successful little experiment for me and I am quite pleased with myself. While I am still working on carving a large block and will probably always try to keep something like that going on I like working small too, and I will keep using up some of the smaller blocks that have accumulated over the last couple of months.


Sharri L. said...

That last print is a knockout. Are you going to collage some of these together to complete a composition? They would be great put together like a quilt on one large piece of print paper. You could print them onto a relatively thin mulberry and collage to a BFK, or something of similar weight. Can't wait to see it!

m.Lee said...

Thanks for the compliment and the feedback. I have thought about doing something like that eventually, but for right now I will just keep making them for the joy of making them.

Annie B said...

These are really nice, and I can "see" the fun you're having in the prints themselves. Thanks for blogging your progress - it's fun to watch.