Sunday, October 05, 2008

Quakers, Shakers and Candlestick Makers

Winter in New England
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Just a quick post before I head off to bed, hopefully tucking myself in before ten tonight. I've had a touch of a cold this past week and haven't been sleeping well on top of that. I have to wear a mask when I sleep or I have eye pain and sometimes that mask comes off in my sleep and I end up with the pain again. I saw a doctor awhile back and he gave me some goop and drops and said it would be better in a week, but it wasn't. But if I wear this mask and it stays on, which it does most of the time, I don't have any problems. Something in bed just seems to irritate my right eye.

Things are pretty good here. I'm drawing and writing a lot these days. New work is being made weekly, I'm hoping to do some printing this week. Lately it has been very relaxed and simple collage work. Reading an old favorite book of mine called Wise Blood and The Screwtape Letters right now. Both dark but in very different ways. My near complete lack of reading since blee was born has been bugging me for ages now and I am finally doing something about it. And what a perfect time to grab a book and cuddle up in bed with it. Jon is a total non-fiction political/social/ economic book junkie but I think he would enjoy Wise Blood. He read The Screwtape Letters years ago. Wise Blood was one of my favorite novels when I was in high school.

Went to a Shaker village in New Hampshire on Sunday kinda spur of the moment. I needed to get out of Boston in a major way and it was too icky to go do the cliff walk in Newport, RI like we had planned. It was a quiet little trip but I think the three of us had a good time. The Shaker religious sect is a pretty interesting one. Except for their complete celibacy to the point of not even communicating with the opposite gender I can really stand behind them. It is sad that they died out, but great that there is so much that is preserved.

blee is growing tall more and more each day and eating like a little piggy. At lunch she just couldn't get enough of her baby food and the adult food that we gave her. Then on the road home she drank a full 14oz bottle of whole milk! And then for dinner she ate chicken and some blueberries. She likes fruit and meat a lot, but veggies are a struggle with her. She will do sweet potatoes and squashes and carrots if I mix them with (a lot) of applesauce but that is about it. Oh she kinda likes cucumbers.

Okay, time for bed I've rambled enough. Hope everybody had a great weekend to start off a great week. Keep warm!
out for a walk

In New Hampshire


The Bookish Life said...

i have read screwtape letters but haven't heard of wise blood, will have to check it out.

awwww the picture of you and your little girl is so adorable. you are both adorable. she's getting so BIG!

Daniel L. Dew said...

Try adding melted cheese on the veggies, worked with my kids.
Love the print too, cool design.
Sometimes in my hectic schedule I dream of moving in with the Quakers. But they would probably kick me out for being too weird.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

She likes peas! I'm not quite ready to give her cheese at 13 months. Plus she might be like my dad and sister and hate cheese.