Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ACEOs are Love

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Back to my roots, well one of my roots. The ACEO! (or art cards in general as I do love trading for these little gems) These have been one of my favorite methods of experimentation. My first mixed-media woodblock print collages were ACEOs and there is no reason for me to stop now that I have moved on to larger pieces. They are still fun to make and still the best for experimenting. The two I made on Tuesday night are no exception. Enjoy!

Life Eternal - ACEO

Gone Tomorrow - ACEO

When I stay focused and put blee first everything falls into place. It is okay for her to have a bad day. And by the same token it is okay for me to have a bad day. But even with her teething as long as I keep my head everything pretty much falls into place. With these revamped modest yet inspiring goals I can afford to have a bad day and so can she. I might completely evaporate from online for a day here and there and it is not the end of the world like I sometimes like to think it is. It isn't going anywhere and neither is my Etsy shop, Trunkt account, Flickr or what have you. If it takes me an extra day to ship stuff as long as the customer knows that is alright. If I take longer to respond to questions that is fine too. I've been putting far too much pressure on myself. She's teething and yet today I still managed to start a new woodblock carving! Who knows when I will finish it, could be this weekend it could be a month from now depending on how things go. But I will have new work every week in some form.

natural baby

Just a friendly reminder that I am having a Studio Sale in my Etsy Shop. This is by far the biggest sale I have ever had. Nothing is over fifty US dollars. This may be the last chance to purchase some of these pieces, at least online.

Now dear readers even though it is a mere 9:17pm EST here in Boston I am exhausted and am considering heading to bed right now. As much as I would love to work on my carving a bit more or even draw I just feel too tired and too unsteady to do either one. Carving would be unsafe and drawing would be safe but most likely a waste of paper with my fuzzy brain. I hope my fuzzy brain hasn't showed itself too much in this post. My apologies if it has.

Goodnight and good morning! Soon the work week will be almost over! Thursday is great because one has Friday to look forward to, while on Friday I just end up anxious for the day to end. Of course I am always on call being a working from home mother, but on the weekends I have some extra hands!


Caroline said...

Hope you're feeling well-rested this morning! I love the second and third ACEO's the most. And yes, we're all entitled to a bad day every now and again... or even a string of bad days. As they say, this too shall pass!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Bruno's teething too. He makes us laugh tho- he's just so... so.... EMPHATIC. His mood is never all bad though, so even on a bad day, it's still pretty good. He's a pretty happy babe overall, that is, until he gets mad- then he's the equivalent of a tornado. Nice ACEOs!